Dir. Camille Tricaud and Franziska Unger, 2023 in postproduction

Melodrama – 20min


Oceane and Ingeborg are ski jumper and ex-lover. They meet each other for the first time after the breakup at the                                                                               top of the jumping hill in the alps to shoot a commercial.


Dir. Hannah Jandl, 2023 in postproduction

Animation: Franziska Unger

Experimental – 30 min


People from different European countries tell their story and memories about the song „WORDS“ by F.R.David.

APOCALYPSE BABY -we advertise the end of the world

Dir. Camille Tricaud and Franziska Unger, 2021

Experimental / Fiction – 19min


„Apocalypse Baby, we advertise the end of the world“ is a cynical teleshopping show that uses the fear of climate apocalypse as a reason to convince the audience to consume more and more.

A pop satire about consumerism and climate crises, about global warming and individualism, about hedonism and guilty conscience and about the contradictions inside of us. A reflection about the way we look away and an exposure of cynicism of a capitalistic system. 


“A great many of us engage in this kind of climate change denial. We look for a split second and then we look away. Or we look but then turn it into a joke (“more signs of the Apocalypse!”). Which is another way of looking away.”
Naomi Klein (This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate, 2014)


Screenings and awards

  • Student Academy Award 2021 Finalist (Alternative / Experimental)
  • FEST New Directors Espinho 2022 (Honorable Mention)
  • 32.Film Festival Cottbus 2022
  • Seville European Film Festival 2022
  • Tallin Black Nights Film Festival PÖFF 2021
  • New Baltic Cinema Competition 2021
  • 55. Internationale Hofer Filmtage 2021
  • Videodox Munich 2021




Dir. Camille Tricaud and Franziska Unger, 2019

Experimental / Fiction – 3 min


Apocalypse Airlines is a „fake“ commercial spot for a fictive airline, that confronts us with our own contadictions. Everyone wants to travel, discover the world, feel free, consume, … although we all know the environmental consequences of air travel. Are we ready to make compromises in order to live with full responsibility? Should it be an individual or a political decision?

Screenings and awards

  • Arte, 2020-2021
  • Next Generation Short Tiger, Cannes 2020 (Short Tiger Award)
  • Münzenberger Forum Berlin 2020 (Experimental Film Award)
  • München Filmschool Festival 2020 (Climate Clip Award)
  • Flotter Dreier Kurzfilmfestival, Hamburg 2020 (Audience Award)
  • Foresight Film Festival 2019 (Audience Award)
  • Green Image Filmfestival, Tokyo 2020
  • Tricky Women, Vienna 2020
  • Regensburger Kurzfilmwoche 2020
  • Filmfest, Dresen 2020
  • Sehsüchte, Potsdam 2020
  • Cinemaambiente, Torino 2020
  • PÖFF Black Nights Film Festival, Tallinn 2020
  • Festival de Cine Aleman, Buenos Aires 2020
  • Filmfestival Warschau, 2020
  • German Currents, Los Angeles 2020
  • Festival of German Films, Moskau 2020
  • Underdox / Videodox, München 2019



Dir. Franziska Unger, 2018



    Dir. Franziska Unger, 2018